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Specialty vehicles applications

Crouzet produces high performance material handling components for safety, reliability and detection.

Load Measurement

Aerial Work Platforms are often equipped with different tilt sensors. An overweight sensor, commonly activated, will not allow the platform to raise if maximum operating weight is exceeded. Sensors detect the weight point when the platform is off balance and risks a possible tip-over if raised further. Extensometers are key for telescopic machines to ensure performance and ease of attachment.

Aerial Work Platfrom Power Source

For electric material handling vehicles, safety switches are key to ensure operators safety by quickly switching off electricity supply. In addition, microswitches are integrated in the electric charging gun to detect if the device was pulled out from the charge adapter or from the vehicle.

Control Panel

The functions of an AWP are controlled by an operator, who can be located either on the work platform itself or at a control panel at the base of the unit. Compact and easy-to-install microswitches are integrated in these control panels to detect the manually operated positions in order to lift up / down the AWP.

Fork Position Detection and Load Measurement

Forklifts require robust and durable limit switch such as our 8387 family to accurately detect the fork positions. This type of limit switch ensures safety by delivering precise positionning of heavy loads and control of fast movement.

Actuation of auxiliary functions

DC Brushless motors with integrated electronics are well suited to actuate auxiliary functions such as : steering drive, wheel motorization, brake, orientation of material handling.

Driver Presence Detection

Our SBR (Seat Belt Reminder) is a safety & patented switch which detects accurately the presence of the driver on his/her seat in order to monitor seat belt systems. This switch can be easily mounted on A or B face of a seat and is adaptable to seat design.


Mechatronics Magic

Santa's sleigh

Christmas holidays is the opportunity to showcase CROUZET components equiping latest Santa's sleigh features from hot cocoa dispenser to weight on hood.

Hot cocoa dispenser

Santa is very rigorous about the quality of hot chocolate cups, his fuel for the big night. Luckily Santa’s sleigh is now equipped with a perfectly programmed hot cocoa dispenser on Millenium SLIM, the world's smallest logic controller ever.
Icing on the cake, Santa can adjust the chocolate intensity on his smartphone via Bluetooth using CROUZET Virtual Display app.

Heated seat

Santa's team uses CROUZET configurator to find solid state relays that perfectly matches the heated seat application requirements. The criteria selected by elf engineers were:
• Mounting Style : Panel mount,
• To switch : Heating element,
• Load operating voltage: DC,
• Load operating Current: up to 40A,
• Overvoltage protection: NO
In just 5 steps, the SSR configurator proposed a GNAD serie 84137670N, easy to order via the distributors' stock check !

Santa's bag detection

Santa Claus is a conscientious deliverer, but sometimes a bit forgetful. That's why a hood presence sensor has been added to the sleigh, indicating whether or not the hood is in the hitch.
The elves cleverly added this feature placing a CROUZET Limit Switch under the floor of the hood compartment.

Flashing rear light

Even a century ago, air traffic was limited to bird flights and comet transits. But with the advent of airplanes and drones, air traffic has increased dramatically, and with it air traffic safety regulations.
The Santa's sleigh has been adapted to the new regulations by adding a flashing rear light. A CROUZET Universal Digital Timer runs the rear light, using the flashing functions “L/Li”.

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30+ years of sensors expertise in transportation

Crouzet successfully serves Material Handling by meeting the rigid standards for every critical application. Our highly experienced staff in design, engineering and production provide technically innovative and custom solutions for high volume production.

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Customised solutions
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Uncompromising and high quality standards

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Force&Load sensors + Instrumention Services + Electronics

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Circuit breakers + Circuit breaker panels + Remote control circuit breakers + Cockpit Control Push Buttons & Accessories + Proximity Sensors + Limit Switches + Microswitches

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Microswitches + Motors + Controls

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Crouzet through the years
1921Creation of Crouzet
2000Design and Manufacturing of brushless motors
2005Seat Track Position Sensor
2010Seat Belt Reminder Position Sensor
2019Electric vehicules charging gun microswitches
2019Integration of Garos instrumentation and force and load sensors

Full material handling & off-highway vehicle applications

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